About Hendrix Projecten

My name is Hendrik van Leusden, the founding partner of Hendrix Projecten /  Kunstmakelaar. Being born into a family of entrepreneurs, with a mother as a professional sculptor, I can’t deny that “the blood is thicker than water”.

Due to my creative nature, combined with extensive business experience in advertising and the auction industry (SOTHEBY’S), I easily move through the world of arts. With a brought network across the art industry, speaking the jargon and having insights from various angles, I get things done, inventively.

At Hendrix Projecten we understand the unique journey of managing an art collection and our services are tailored to help collectors navigate this experience. We believe in the positive impact of art. Art tells a story and it connects people who like to express their identity. Art is universal and can be mind-blowing, fascinating, inspirational and always full of surprises.

At the same time we realise that the Artworld can be overwhelming, opaque and inaccessible. With limited time and a flood of information, it may be difficult finding your way in the digital age to discover and develop your taste.

You might as well recognise that feeling to rather leaving certain matters to an expert. Things like insurance, transportation, storage, framing or selling your art collection.

We would be privileged being at your service!

Our solution

At Hendrix Projecten we create overview and we pay attention by listening. We carefully advise and guide artlovers in building, expanding or (partially) downsizing an art collection, with all the practical matters related to it.

With an integrated approach we guide you from A to Z, fully tailored to your needs and completely hassle-free: from selection, negotiation, sales and insurance to transport, framing, installation and presentation. We will exceed your expectations!

We work with a carefully selected partner network of independent and certified specialists in every field of expertise. Hendrix Projecten stands for Quality with an unparalleled level of service and expertise, providing a five-star customer experience.

New Collectors Club

A members-only community especially launched for our valued clients.

You are assured of a unique and exclusive experience within the artworld: “en petit comité”. You will receive invitations for intimate cultural activities such as gallery talks, vernissages and previews. In a gallery, an artist studio, the private domain of an art collector, a museum, artfair or biennale. There is a limited number of like-minded members in order to make sure you will blend in.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel welcome and leave your details.